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Martin, S.A., Bosse, J., Wilson, A., Losikoff, P., & Chiodo, L.M. (2018) Under one roof: identification, evaluation, and treatment of chronic hepatitis C in addiction care

For over a decade, the vast majority of new hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections have been among young people who inject drugs (PWID). Well-characterized gaps in chronic HCV diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment have resulted in fewer than 5% of PWID receiving HCV treatment. While interferon-based treatment may have intentionally been foregone during part of this time in anticipation of improved oral therapies, the overall pattern points to deficiencies and treatment exclusions in the health care system. Treatment for HCV with all-oral, highly effective direct-acting antiviral medication for 12 weeks or less is now the standard of care, putting renewed focus on effective delivery of care. We describe here both the need for and process of chronic HCV care under the roof of addiction medicine.

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Current Research

2017-2022 — In collaboration with Columbia University. Principle Investigator: A. Robin Williams. Funding Agency: NIH/NIDA.

The goal of this project is to identify patient characteristics and actionable treatment barriers that are independently associated with treatment response and superior clinical outcomes. Results will hopefully inform strategies to improve MAT initiation and retention across substance abuse treatment settings.

2017-2019 — In collaboration with PEAR Therapeutics. Funded by NIH/NIDA.

A game-based intervention for Opioid Use Disorder. The goal of this project is to develop a gamified digital therapy for opioid use disorder that improves patient engagement with treatment.

2017-2018 — In collaboration with PEAR Therapeutics. Funded by NIH/NIDA.

Developing a Virtual Environment to Enhance Patient Engagement in Peer Support in Opioid Use Disorder. The goal of this project is to develop a virtual-reality environment for facilitating peer support groups to support recovery of individuals suffering from opioid use disorder.